Why Soft-FX Service

We are a software company which was launched in 2011, and concentrate on providing the most high-quality products to our customers. Starting from an only narrow area, now we are working with wide range of clients and businesses, continuing to develop and establish in the tech market.

Our team consists of experienced specialists, ranging from programmers to support service specialists. We are convinced that each of our workers must not be treated just as a cog in a corporate machine, but a valuable established partner.

Our advantages

Career growth

Soft-FX is more than a workplace - it is a platform for career and personal growth. We make sure that each and every member of our team develops their knowledge in the respective field and constantly gains new opportunities to develop.

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Competitive salary

Knowledge is not everything, and we at Soft-FX are well aware of that fact. We offer our candidates a competitive pay and many opportunities to increase it.

Great Working Conditions

Office located in the city center, but the location is not the only advantage. We have soft chairs, a big sofa to sleep on during the break, really tasty coffee, endless choices of tea and perfect office temperature all year long.

As a Team

We believe that working as a team brings the most flawless results to our customers. With that in mind, we do everything possible to keep up friendly atmosphere, working together and focusing on the most important things.

Let us help in your career path!

We are always seeking for new talents - it doesn't matter to us whether you are a novice or a professional. We are more than a company and are ready to prove it.

Respecting our employees, we provide not only the most comfortable workplace possible but also building a unique relationship with each of our workers. Finding an approach and the most suitable way to do the task is the way we do our job in Soft-FX.

Become a part of our friendly and highly competent team, participate in building software solutions that will last many years and we will not forget to return the favor. Novices can find a comfortable workplace to obtain their first experience in the field, while professionals may find many challenging, yet highly rewarded tasks. To each, we will offer a competitive salary in accordance with their skills and needs.

We care about our employees.